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About Us

NouRiche by RichFood is a proud pioneer specialist of postpartum (Confinement) meals, which has nourished thousands of mothers for more than a decade in Singapore!

The Chinese belief that postpartum (Confinement Period) is the most important turning point in a woman’s life. A good postpartum (Confinement Period) can restore youth and improve the overall wellness of a woman that last a lifetime.

The delivery of a baby is an exhausting experience for a woman, both mentally and physically. In the period directly after giving birth, postpartum women may suffer from postpartum cold and blood stasis in the low abdomen with an underlying condition of Qi and blood deficiency.

A proper postpartum (Confinement Period) starts with the discharge of lochia and the revitalization of Qi and blood during the first week of the confinement period. And from the second week onwards, the focus is to replenish the needed nutrients for the body. This would help to nourish postpartum women back to her optimal level and to boost breast milk.

At NouRiche (by RichFood), we tailored our confinement meals according to this belief. Our confinement meals menu is planned to achieve the “Transforming and Generating” process. “Transforming” represents the purification process (whereby toxins are expelled) and the restoration of the uterus to its original state. “Generating” represents the nourishment of the body to replenish nutrients, blood and Qi.

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The Chef

Our Executive Chef Gordon Wang is highly experienced in the preparation of confinement meals, both regular and vegan versions, and yang shen.

His vast experience included heading a prestigious confinement centre for mothers in Taipei. He honed his skills considerably during his stint there.

Gordon and his team meticulously and expertly prepares tasty and nourishing meals for all new moms. These meals provide good nutrition for recovering mothers and rejuvenates the body for long term benefits.

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The Chef


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