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Confinement Meals
with You in Mind

What do you look for in a confinement food specialist? Some may go for the modernist approach, where dishes are given a new age, multicultural spin. Yet for many others, tried and tested TCM classics like those at NouRiche remain the natural choice to revitalise the mind, body and spirit after childbirth. 

Best confinement food and meals singapore​

NouRiche was established with one goal in mind, to provide new mothers with the nutrients they need for more effective and speedy recovery from childbirth. While maternity and giving birth is a crucial milestone for a woman, these times are also very delicate for her well-being. A woman needs to be strong and healthy to be able to deliver the child and recover from it. Thus, we at NouRiche wish to help new mothers in this endeavour by preparing the best confinement food in Singapore for our clients. Here, we combine the health benefits of traditional Chinese medicine and the experience of our chefs to come up with confinement meals that are both healthy and delicious.

What to expect Postpartum?

Our way to help you restore
your physical health and youthful vitality

What it boils down to is knowledge, experience and skill in offering an unrivalled confinement strategy, where we heal, nourish and revitalise in structured stages over the 4 crucial weeks following childbirth.

In essence, it is a confident sensibility we call the NouRiche Advantage, and it begins with our special Sheng Hua Tonic that even other caterers now emulate.

With this purifying brew, served together with a carefully calibrated set of dishes in the first 7 days, we prepare and prime your body to optimise all the nutrients and health benefits for next 21 days of our meal plans.

Our Journey with You

Curated for you every step of the way

Helmed by a chef who led one of Taiwan’s foremost confinement centres for more than a decade, and with the consult and approval of leading TCM practitioners in Singapore, NouRiche is setting the benchmark for excellence in confinement cooking.

Natural childbirth or C-section delivery, every new mother is served the best-quality brews and dishes. We understand dietary concerns and preferences better, too. Vegan or vegetarian? Don’t like mushrooms or snakehead fish? Prefer less ginger and less oil?  We got you covered.

After all, you deserve all the pampering and peace of mind, especially at meal times. Begin the NouRiche experience in your third trimester with our Pre-Natal Trial Menu. Consider it your head start to health and wellness for good.

My Confinement Meal Options

Select your confinement meal plan

The confinement period in Singapore may last from 28 days to 42 depending on the cultural preference of the family or the health progress of the mother. During this period, mothers must be supplied with the proper confinement food to promote breast milk production and good health. NouRiche offers confinement meal plans for different diets to support you during this crucial time.

Regular Confinement Meal

Our regular confinement meal plan is advisable for mothers with a common or regular diet. This meal plan consists of confinement food with balanced nutrients and ingredients that are proven to boost health as well as aid in milk production. The meal is typically composed of rice, main dishes, soup, tea and dessert.

Vegetarian Confinement Meal

NouRiche also caters to new mothers who are on a vegetarian diet. We understand your wishes to be served with meals fitting your preferred diet and we provide that on our vegetarian confinement meal plan. While having less to no meat added, this meal plan is well-balanced with the right nutrients for speedy recovery.

Signature Dishes

Find out which dishes our customers love

Focus on authenticity, attention to detail and the insistence of quality herbs and ingredients have given NouRiche the well-deserved reputation as Singapore’s preferred confinement caterer. In the experienced hands of our Chef Gordon Wang, classic confinement soups and dishes are cooked to tasty, nutritious perfection.

Click through to see a collection of our signature meals for the best confinement food in Singapore that have captured the hearts and appetite of thousands of mothers. No wonder many have chosen NouRiche to cook for them for another 60 days after the confinement month!

The Right Start with NouRiche

Nursing you back to optimal health

At NouRiche, we stay grounded in the time-honoured TCM
confinement practices that have revitalised generations of new
mothers. We stay respectful of the synergy between every herb
and ingredient used, and we stay focused in harnessing that
precious potency in the safest, most effective ways.


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