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About NouRiche

A rich tradition
for excellence

We come from a local family of exceptional caterers, cooking up tasty, nutritional meals for others with as much love and care as we would for ourselves.

Our parent company is RichFood Group, a pioneer in working with TCM professionals to provide wholesome and nourishing fare, especially for new moms.

As the appetite grew for authentic, traditional confinement meals, RichFood Group felt it was time to dedicate a brand just for these new moms and so, NouRiche was born. It is a meaningful name that pays homage to our parent company, while emphasising the need to nourish a very special group of women.

Time-honoured Wisdom In Practice

Eating fresh, eating natural are not new concepts; nature’s bounty nourishes and heals, and when taken in a timely and proportionate manner, revitalises and rejuvenates. This wisdom, pure and simple, guides us in all that we cook for each and every new mother.

It reinforces our belief that the postpartum period is a woman’s turning point, where she has the most precious of opportunities to regain her youthful vitality and restore her physical health.

Properly manage the first four weeks following childbirth – commonly referred to as the confinement month – with carefully calibrated diet plans and adequate rest. Only then can a new mom be at her best, not just for her baby especially when she breastfeeds, but for herself and loved ones for the long term.

The right start
with NouRiche

The toll of childbirth on a woman’s mind, body and spirit is not to be taken lightly. What she eats and when she eats are critical for a swift recovery, and best left to experienced hands at NouRiche.

From the right herbs in precise formulas and measurements to the type of fish, poultry, meat and vegetables used; from the right cooking techniques that keep all the essential nutrients intact to the five different types of grains we serve instead of white rice, nothing is left to chance in our kitchen.

All a new mom needs to do is lie back and take a well-deserved rest while we deliver the tastiest, most nutritious meals right to the doorstep.

Our Chef

Chef Gordon Wang

He is a rare breed, with the depth of knowledge and breadth of experience in Chinese medicinal cuisine. Little wonder then, that Gordon Wang is one of the most sought after chefs for TCM-led and wellness-maintenance cooking.

A 15-year industry veteran, with a decade spent heading the kitchen of one of Taiwan’s most prestigious confinement centres, Chef Gordon is now taking the lead at NouRiche, creating nourishing food and beverage to enable swift recoveries and deliver health benefits for the long term.

Always on his feet, researching and developing new ways to harness the benefits of Chinese herbs in fresh, light and tasty dishes, Chef Gordon is a veritable force to reckon with. Not only does his expertise lie in pre- and post-natal diets, Chef Gordon is also an authority on the nutritional needs of vegan and vegetarian moms and moms-to-be.

His meticulous and methodical nature extends to the way he structures meal plans. He strongly advocates, “The right dish served at the right time has a profound, beneficial effect. For example, our post-natal menus follow a strict order, beginning with Sheng Hua Tonic in the first week to help new mothers expedite the discharge of lochia, and cleanse their bodies of toxins.”

Likewise, Chef Gordon is just as careful not to serve pregnant women any dish from the post-natal menu, especially when they request trial menus in the third trimester. “What benefits a new mother may be detrimental to an expectant mother. Not many first-time mommies know what they should avoid.

“Pay close attention to the nutritional needs of a mother-to-be because she is about to experience the most intense physical exertion. Make this a time to boost her strength for the last stretch of her pregnancy, and condition her body to better absorb all the nutrients from the confinement food.”

With NouRiche, you never have to worry about food suitability because the care with which Chef Gordon crafts every dish ensures complete peace of mind. Validation from a network of TCM professionals offers further assurance that you get the very best from us.

Health Benefits

Three herbs every
new mom needs

Among all the herbs used in an authentic, effective TCM-led confinement diet, three have standout qualities to expedite swift healing and recovery. At NouRiche, they feature prominently in our menu plans:

  • Chinese Angelica Root (Dang Gui 当归) Resolves women’s health issues; manages cardiovascular conditions, osteoarthritis, inflammation, headaches, infections, mild anaemia and hypertension.
  • Solomonseal Rhizome (Yu Zhu 玉竹) Treats lung disorders, reduce inflammation, and skin conditions. Nourishes the yin and moistens internal dryness.
  • Szechuan Lovage Root (Chuan Xiong 川芎) Helps invigorate blood and move qi . Addresses gynaecological disorders like irregular menses, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, postpartum abdominal pain and retained lochia. Expels wind and relieves pain including headache and dizziness.

Authentic Use
Ensures Results

It is an exact science, how every herb is used to heal, restore and rejuvenate in a TCM-led diet. Taken as advised, they have the power to balance and harmonise the interdependent systems in your body for recovery and long-term wellness.

At NouRiche, we respect the extensive studies and research that have gone into the precise use of more than 20 major herbs in our kitchen. There is no deviation from the tried and tested, no fusion with the new and novel because that’s not how Chinese medicinal cooking works.

The holistic approach, where the postpartum body is treated as an integrated whole, with natural herbs carefully picked and paired with fresh ingredients, is about accuracy and authenticity.

Every Ingredient natural and safe

No pesticide, no sulphur, no heavy metal residue. Expect only the cleanest possible quality in all the herbs we use. Strict temperature and humidity control measures are also in place to protect their integrity and efficacy.

Fresh produce is just as carefully sourced. We scrutinise every grower, every supplier for wholesome ingredients to ensure new mothers get the right nutrients, especially when they breastfeed. Our repertoire of lactation-friendly dishes contains some of the best-quality green papayas, salmon, spinach and broccoli.

Best Confinement Food Practices

Not All Confinement Diets are Similar

There are countless interpretations on Chinese medicinal confinement diet plans. For many first-time moms, the general impression is to consume as much herbal brews and dishes. Any tonic during confinement is good, right?

At NouRiche, we take the guesswork out with just one piece of sound advice:

Choose the confinement diet that is structured on the foundation of ‘generating () transforming’ () your health, with targeted and timely meal plans.

This is the NouRiche way, where we ‘transform’() the postpartum body with purifying brews concocted from more than 20 important herbs, and ‘generate’ () the replenishment of nutrients with as many as 46 soups, 5 types of rice and a wide range of wholesome dishes.

‘Generating & Transforming’ (生化)
sets the standard

After childbirth, your body goes through another stressful period of adjustment.

One of the first few things it tries to do is discharge lochia, placental fragments and wind. At the same time, it strives to replenish the qi or energy, and blood expended during labour.

Not many are aware of the need to help speed up the discharge process to prevent postpartum complications and infections. Getting rid of these toxins also means that your body is better prepared to absorb all confinement nutrients.

That’s why we are the first confinement caterer to serve the purifying Sheng Hua Tonic during the first seven days of confinement. It is the right start to a powerful journey of ‘generating and transforming’ for all moms, first time or not, gave birth naturally or had a C-section done.

The right confinement food in two crucial phases

An expert command of the principles of TCM-led confinement nutrition; when and how the postpartum body repairs and revitalises, determines what you eat in two crucial phases.

At NouRiche, we understand the best confinement meal plan is the one that maps these phases of cleansing and revitalising in the first week, followed by nourishment and restoration in the next 21 days.

All our confinement soups and dishes are served accordingly, and the results have earned us the trust of thousands of new mothers. In fact, many have continued to enjoy our meals for an additional 60 days after confinement because of our judicious use of herbs and tonics.

In the right combination with fish, poultry, meat, fresh vegetables, seasoning and other ingredients, our recipes have successfully addressed concerns such as fatigue, hair loss, backaches and joint pains.

A Clean confinement diet is key

Only the experienced, skilled in Chinese medicinal cooking, should be given the important task of nourishing a new mother back to health. The confinement month is not the time to leave anything to chance; a mother’s poor constitution after childbirth is often the result of not eating right during the crucial 30 days.


For example, we are careful not to serve chicken or eggs in the first week because wound recovery will be impacted, especially for C-section moms.

Beef, mutton, duck and duck eggs, shellfish and some types of fish are also avoided to protect the liver, minimise headaches, dizziness and blood pressure fluctuations, reduce asthma attacks, skin swelling and irritation.

To further reduce the burden on the postpartum body, no light or dark soy and oyster sauces are used. MSG, flavourings and additives are strictly prohibited as well. Here’s where the freshness of every ingredient we use shines through with its purity of natural flavours. A clean, healthful confinement diet doesn’t get any better than what we serve at NouRiche.