Foods to eat during Chinese Confinement

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Foods to eat during Chinese Confinement

Everything you need to know about foods to eat during Chinese Confinement or known as the sitting month, confinement food/meal and its practice.

The term “Sitting the Month” means to allow postpartum mom to do nothing but to “sit” (rest) recover for one month after delivery. This practice has been around for thousands of years and it is still being practiced by most Chinese. Many believe that the confinement period is the best opportunity for women to transform her health during their lifetime.

Confinement is one of the most important milestones in a woman’s life. From pregnancy to labour, a woman to regain her youth and improve on her physical being. New mothers observe various routines diverse from regular day-to-day living for a period ranging from few weeks to baby’s first-month celebration. The mother is usually not allowed to go outside (hence the term “confinement”) for 30 days.

What to foods to eat during Chinese Confinement?

Many women think that when it comes to confinement means that they need to eat lots of tonic herbs. While the Chinese herbs are meant to nourish the body during the confinement period, it’s not true that you have to load up on Chinese herbs.

At NouRiche, we planned on creating our confinement menu based on weekly needs. Here are the rough breakdowns:

Week 1 focuses on the purifying of toxins and replenishing of nutrients

We focus on our Sheng Hua Soup, there is no chicken and egg for our first week unless stated. The first week helps the blood in the uterus to be excreted, it is helpful to discharge blood and restore the uterus and remove lochia.

Our Sheng Hua Soup is a “filled belly” supplement that mothers should drink immediately after they gave birth. Whether by natural birth or caesarean section, the Sheng Hua Soup should be consumed during the first week after giving birth.

Week 2 focuses on Milk Supply

At this time, the baby will start to take in more milk during the second week of his/her life. Great food to eat during this time: pork, pig’s feet, sesame oil, fried eggs, barley, other whole grain products, ginger, ginseng.

Week 3 and 4 focuses on increasing the physical strength and anti-aging!

We serve vegetables, dried longan, red dates, black dates, and other Chinese herbs. You can check our Health Benefits that is specially prepared confinement meals bring to mothers, our chefs intricately choose the right herbs for the desired effects. **CLICK HERE**


If in doubt, always discuss things through with your healthcare provider and listen to your gut feel. You know what’s right for your body, and you should do whatever feels right for you during this resting period.


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