Most Recommended Chinese Confinement Meals In Singapore

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Most Recommended Chinese Confinement Meals In Singapore

NouRiche (previously known as RichFood Catering) is a pioneer in providing confinement meals delivery to loving mothers in Singapore. With more than a decade of experience; our Chinese confinement meals are the most recommended, by having nourished thousands of mothers. We will share useful articles here periodically for your benefit.

For all mothers, giving birth leads to the loss of energy and blood, weakening them considerably.

After the joyous occasion of seeing a newborn after months of toil, it will be apt for mothers to dedicate “me time” for themselves.

With the rigors of childbirth, a mother must now regain her health and strength, to prepare her in a better state to care for the baby.

A regimented postnatal period is helpful in restoring back the energy, this is the crucial time where the mother receives post-partum health care. Therefore all new mothers should carefully follow a postnatal diet to recover from the stress endured during their labor period. That must include consuming the right confinement meals for optimal effect. Nutritious confinement food makes a great difference in a mother’s road to full recovery.

Do you know that blood is one of the main components of breast milk production? Naturally, the blood loss experienced during delivery leads to low milk production.

Do You Know About Confinement?

First of all, it is widely known that mother’s milk is the best for a healthy baby. Therefore all mothers should go through the postnatal period carefully and embrace a healthy diet to ensure healthy milk production.

It helps greatly that NouRiche fully understands the rigors of childbirth and the recommended diet that gets moms to tip top condition again. With a convenient ordering system that brings the best and most nutritious confinement meals to mothers in Singapore. Upping your milk production and healing the body efficiently too.

NouRiche will prepare healthy, nutritious confinement meals and a balanced diet with good use of Chinese herbalogy, meat, vegetables and fruits using age old recipes. Each ingredient is carefully selected to achieve the desired effect.

Remember To Hydrate During Confinement

a woman drinking water

a woman drinking water


A breastfeeding mother should stay hydrated always to boost milk production. Breast milk has a lot of nutrients that the baby requires, thus it is advisable that mothers in confinement consume a lot of water and fluids.

Red dates tea is a recommended ideal drink to consume; to enrich and replenish blood. It is one of the most popular drinks among women pre and post birth delivery. Warm water also eases digestion and keeps you warm especially during a cold day.

Confinement Food Can Be Tasty & Nutritious

A healthy diet is not only important to the breastfeeding mom but also ideal for assisting the newborn to adapt.

Contrary to some belief, confinement food may not necessarily be bland, uneventful and unexciting.

At NouRiche, Chef Gordon Wang leads an experienced crew to ensure new mothers get to enjoy delectable, healthy confinement meals to please all new mothers.

Do check out our wide menu detailing all the goodness in confinement meals available.

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