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Sample Great Traditional Confinement Delights

Sample Great Traditional Confinement Delights at NouRiche by RichFood!

For a woman post childbirth, it is an exacting toll on her strength and her physical function and proper recuperation is a must. That’s when she goes into a period known as confinement and undertakes special care to her recovery needs.

In confinement, there will be a special traditional confinement food menu tailored to help accelerate the recovery from a mother’s “weakened” body after childbirth.

This special diet consists of traditional confinement foods with targeted specific functions like dispelling “wind” from the body, quelling excessive body heat, boosting blood circulation, revitalizing strength, strengthening body organs and more.

a woman holding the feet of the baby

a woman holding the feet of the baby

Delivering your bundle of joy is a very happy occasion for all in the family.

For those who are expecting now, and keeping a lookout for a specialist, put your trust on the pioneer in the industry.

RichFood championed the this business more than a decade ago. To-date, RichFood has nourished tens of thousands of happy mothers in Singapore. We are heartened that our past customers continue to refer their friends and loved ones to us. With greater focus will come greater expertise to meet the challenges ahead.

Expectant mothers can try our specially prepared Trial Meal if they need to sample before committing to a package later.

The Sampler comes in both regular and vegan for different consumers. You can choose to have it for either lunch or dinner.

It is available ONLY on Saturdays.

You may wish to know that our Trial Meal is prepared milder than the actual meal. For the reason that having too much sesame oil during pregnancy may have an undesirable effect.

During pregnancy, it is best to eat light with greater focus on nutrition.

With a specialist team that understands the needs of new moms, we take good care of your nourishment requirements.

No fret, no worries.

So that you can spend more quality time recovering from your exhaustive childbirth. And having more time and focus to bond with your bundle of joy.

Give our Trial Meal a try by checking out the link here – NouRiche Trial Meal

Do PM us if you have a query or two that we can assist you with.


For nourishing, healthy traditional confinement meals delivered lovingly to you, check out the delights via today.

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You deserve the best in your confinement!