Confinement Herbal Soups

Nourishing Herbal Soups

The power to balance and harmonise the interdependent systems in your body for recovery and long-term wellness with the replenishment of nutrients with as many as 46 kinds of confinement herbal soup. Nourish yourself with our healthy confinement soup package today!

Our confinement soup package focuses on authenticity, attention to detail and the insistence of quality herbs and
ingredients to attain the most nutritious confinement herbal soup that will replenish your health in no time.

Confinement Herbal Soups

Why Confinement Herbal Soup is Important?

All meals included in the traditional confinement food plan contain the essential nutrients needed by a new mom in order to recover fast and have a healthy body for her and her child. Among the most important inclusion in the Chinese confinement menu is the confinement herbal soup. There are different kinds of confinement herbal soup, but they share the same goal of giving the mother’s body the energy it needs while strengthening her immunity to fight off illnesses and infections. Our confinement soup package contains forty six kinds of soup made from the finest healing herbs to ensure speedy recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we serve this purifying brew, together with a carefully calibrated set of dishes in the first 7 days to prepare and prime your body to optimise all the nutrients and health benefits for next 21 days of our meal plans, for all moms, first time or not, gave birth naturally or had a C-section done.

In the first week, Sheng Hua Soup helps new mothers expedite the discharge of lochia, cleanse their bodies of toxins and restoration of the uterus to its original state. It also treats conditions such as the retention of placental fragments within the uterus, lochioschesis, painful postpartum uterine contractions and chronic endometritis.

Sheng Hua Soup is vital and plays a key part in helping postpartum women start their path to restoring their bodies to a healthy and sound state.

Yes. It is important to stay hydrated during the confinement month and soups provide the necessary fluids. Breast milk consists of 87.2% water. Our soups in the menus are TCM-approved and breastfeeding friendly. In total, we serve a wide variety of 46 protein-rich herbal soups to provide energy for milk production and increase milk supply.

Our sincere apologies that we do not provide confinement herbal soup package. We follow the principles of TCM-led confinement nutrition; when and how the postpartum body repairs and revitalise, in two crucial phases following our menus.

All our confinement meals comes with 1 Soup, 2 Dishes, 1 Rice and 2 Teas for a complete nutritional needs that every new mothers require for a swift recovery.

In general, our soups helps new mothers in the following:

  • Revitalise blood circulation and movement of Qi within the body.
  • Strive to replenish the Qi or energy, and blood expended during labour.
  • Enhance new mothers’ immune system and strengthen the body constitution.
  • Provide energy for breast milk production and increase milk supply.
  • Easier for the postpartum body to absorb the needed nutrition, together with the dishes.

There is no need to order pre-packed herbs for soups separately. As our menus are carefully crafted for an effective TCM-led confinement diet, where the postpartum body is treated as an integrated whole, with natural herbs carefully picked and paired with fresh ingredients, is about accuracy and authenticity. All our confinement soups and dishes are served accordingly in two crucial phases to enable swift recoveries and deliver health benefits for the long term.

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