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An apt quote by our Executive Chef Gordon Wang. A man who usually talks more through his culinary skills, Gordon is highly experienced in the preparation of confinement meals, both regular and vegan versions, and yang shen.

His vast experience include heading a prestigious confinement centre for mothers in Taipei, taking charge of a team that met the dietary need of every mother there. He honed his skills considerably during his stint there.

To Gordon, his emphasis is always about striving to achieve the right taste or ??, yet able to achieve the desired effect. Example, ?? involves achieving a milder taste especially on the first week of the confinement meal.

He and his team meticulously and expertly prepares tasty and nourishing meals for all new moms. These confinement meals not only provide good nutrition that will help recovering mothers but can rejuvenate the body for long term benefits.

“To all joyous new moms, let us get you back to tip top condition again”, adds Gordon.

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