Vegetarian Confinement Week B Menu

//Vegetarian Confinement Week B Menu
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All our confinement meals are packed with natural goodness and free of MSG.

A proper postpartum (Confinement Period) starts with the discharge of lochia and the revitalization of Qi and blood during the first week of the confinement period. And the second week onwards, the focus is to replenish the needed nutrients for the body. This would help to nourish postpartum woman back to her optimal level and to boost breast milk.

At NouRiche (RichFood), we tailored our confinement meal according to this belief. Our confinement meal menu is planned to achieve the “Transforming and Generating” process. “Transforming” represents the purification process (whereby toxins are expelled) and the restoration of the uterus to its original state. “Generating” represents the nourishment of the body to replenish nutrients, blood and Qi.

All meals come with 1 x serving of Rice, 1 x serving of Dessert & 1 x serving of Daily Tea.

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